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JADE Moss Basket

I selected the most sturdy plants for indoors for this design. The focal point is a 4 year old Jade. It's starting to develop a wonderful tree like trunk. It's surrounded by Sansevieria Hahnii and Haworthia tessellata.

Bud planted them using a wire basket lined with moss and top-dressed with red volcanic rock. The moss and the rock accent the Jade beautifully. All three are vigorous selections. This container will work well indoors or outside in a part shade location.

Provided enough light the Jade will set blooms that last through the holidays. This planting should hold well in this container for another 3 years before requiring transplanting.


  • Light: Bright light to indirect indoors. Full to Part Shade outdoors.
  • Size: 9"w x 12"w
  • Pot size: 8"


Water thoroughly, but sparingly when indoors, especially in winter. We use a light-weight soilless mix, amended with perlite to keep drainage fast for succulents.

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